When God Changes Your Expectations

If Christ has all authority, does He have the authority to change how life is lived?  Is it biblical for Jesus to come in the flesh, and shake everything up?  Is Jesus allowed to break our preconceptions, prejudices, and expectations? The answer is: of course!

We see such a change in the life of Levi recorded in the Gospels (check out Luke 5:27-32). One of the least likely men to be a follower of a poor rabbi, Levi is found sitting at his tax collecting booth working. He is taking people’s money to pave roads, pay Rome, fund the government, and prosper himself. He is an outcast in Jewish society, and Jesus commands him to follow him. And Levi did! Jesus brought a completely new way of relating to God and others.  The molds of tradition were being destroyed, and the law was being fulfilled, which meant change was coming.

We live in a time of that change. When believers can rub shoulders with unbelievers to encourage and share with them about following Christ. Jesus does not save us to fulfill our desires and meet our expectations, He saves people from sin by calling them to walk in light of His Word and serve others. You already have people in your life who need to hear Jesus say, “Follow me.” Jesus sends those who believe in Him to share that message. Let radical change be a message you share with the people, like Levi, in your life.