You are the Problem

You are the problem. You make excuses. You delight in destructive tendencies. You don’t want to hear the truth.

Though the truth hurts, it is going to be more painful. If you continue in bad decision making, even worse results will follow. You are not able to do better, because your inward being is insatiably driving you forward.

You are likely trying to justify your behavior along the lines of, “why do you get to judge me,” “I’m not that bad,” or “I don’t have to listen to you.” You listen because you know what I wrote is true, you know you are actually worse than many think, and the reason I get to say these things flows from common experience (i.e. I, too, am the problem).

Our much needed solution is not in our power or ability, but in the One who created us and provided a solution. That solution was taking our place in paying the price of the penalty. However, His design is that when you receive the gift He freely offers, you would utilize and enjoy this new found freedom. Continued actions similar to those prior to the reception of His gift will result in discouragement, dissatisfaction, and disassociation, which is far the desired results.

So, quit being the problem by delighting in the Solution, in the end, He will use you to help those you love to also break the cycle and enjoy Him and the life He gives. Not sure how to begin? Start here, and if you already have done that, check this out.