Can the Bible mean anything?

You text your wife, “Going to store need anything?” You have communicated a message, namely that you are going to be making a stop before seeing her and you are willing to purchase items she might need. She replied,

“Just this necklace.” You asked if she needed ANYTHING, so you were offering to pick up anything she felt she needed, right? Even a $6,700.00 Tiffany Soleste necklace. 

Such a ridiculous example helps illustrate that messages have meaning. The meaning of any given message is determined by the author. The Bible is ultimately written by God, as He inspired authors to pen His exact word for His audience. It turns out the audience is mankind at a given time and place, with application for all people, at all times, and in all places. If we fail to remember that there is a context and meaning of God’s Word we might start to think it can mean anything, but it cannot. It means what God intended to communicate.

Going back to the texts with your wife, she replied, “two dozen eggs and chocolate bar.” Because you knew it was for a birthday cake, you don’t pick up 24 Easter eggs on clearance and Snickers bars, you pick up 24 farm fresh eggs and baking squares. She communicated clearly, in just 24 letters.

God has written us a single volume consisting of 66 books of the Bible. Context is the key to help you unleash His Word in your life.