Next Steps

Faith in Christ

The first step to new life, is to believe in the gospel. These next steps will help you grow in your walk with Him. We desire to reach the cities of Clinton, West Point, Syracuse, Clearfield, Sunset, Roy, Hooper, and West Haven with the gospel.

Attend Church Regularly

We believe the church is the best place for the believer in Jesus to grow. Through fellowship, corporate prayer, worshipping together, and hearing the Bible proclaimed believers are encouraged in their next steps. We believe the local Bible teaching church of incredible importance to the believer and community.

Read the Bible

The Bible is God’s Word to believers. We grow and mature in Jesus when we spend time learning who He is and what He desires of us. Here are two options we recommend:

Read the book of Philippians in a month

49 Week Challenge – in YouVersion app


Baptism is the public declaration that you believe in Jesus. If you are ready to be baptized, let us know.


We give because God gives generously. The gifts given supply the needs of believers, the facility expenses, and further the mission of Cornerstone. The Bible teaches us to give joyfully.

Find a Group

We are intended to live in community with one another. This is done as we study the Bible together, carry one another’s burdens, and uphold each other in prayer.


The Bible is clear in teaching those who are believers in Jesus are gifted to serve. This gifting is to be used to encourage men, women, and children in Jesus. The best way to learn how God has equipped you, is to care for those in the church. Connect with us about ways you can serve.